Why Capricoin+
Empower society by fostering a new decentralized, private economy.
This new alternative economy allows people to both earn and spend money in a completely trustless fashion as well as use and build decentralized applications that respect their rights to privacy.

Open Source

Following the lead of Bitcoin, Capricoin+ advocates for an open source policy. Open source projects have positive effects when it comes to sustainability as it embraces and celebrates principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, peer-reviewing, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community-oriented development. This aspect of the protocol gives users and programmers the ability to inspect, modify and enhance the source code, and finally build on top of it.


The Capricoin+ developing team takes its users security extremely seriously as reflected by the many layers of security protecting the Capricoin+ platform’s users. Whether it be securing stakers funds through cold staking or keeping marketplace users identity and data safe from malicious actors, the Capricoin+ platform is designed with security at its core and makes no compromise about it.

Private by Design

Capricoin+ decentralized marketplace is completely private by design, meaning that no transaction can be tracked back to a user. This approach is prefered as the behavior of a blockchain is to record all transactions for ever, opening up a lot of opportunities for third-parties to abuse that data. The various attacks aimed at personal data such as its collection for commercial purposes, theft or surveillance are thwarted by Capricoin’s many privacy protocols.


The Capricoin+ economy is one that is decentralized, private and democratic. We believe many sectors can be improved and rendered more efficient by being designed in a decentralized fashion. Fees can be significantly reduced and no trust to central authority or party is required, making activities within the platform more cost-efficient, private and secure. Furthermore, the platforms resilience to attacks is greatly improved as the only way to shut it down is to shut down the internet completely.

Community Governance

The Capricoin+ platform is governed exclusively by its community and no central authority, including the Capricoin Foundation and developing team, possess any kind of decisional power as it relates to activities happening within the platform. Capricoin’s marketplace does not have any rule on what can be listed, it is instead being moderated entirely by the stakers who need to flag inappropriate content. Capricoin+ takes the power back into peoples hands!

Currency Agnostic

Capricoin+ is currency-agnostic. In common language, it means it is designed to work with almost any cryptocurrency. As such, we welcome all other crypto communities to begin spending their favorite coin on the Capricoin+ platform and benefit from its privacy, security and decentralized applications.

Protocol Agnostic

As technology evolves at an exponential rate, platforms need to be built with extensibility in mind so that they can survive the test of time. Capricoin+ was built from scratch with that very thought in mind. In fact, the Capricoin+ platform is designed so that any new, more efficient Data Storage Network (SMSG, IPFS, etc) can be easily integrated, configured by users and used by any decentralized application like the Capricoin+ marketplace for storage purposes.


Scalability is the ability of a blockchain to be able to sustain a lot of traffic without having its performance negatively impacted by it. We believe this aspect to be very important for any platform that wishes to support a large community of users, let alone an entire global economy. Scalability has always been one of the core attribute of the Capricoin+ platform and is one the reason why it is being kept updated to the latest version of the Bitcoin Core codebase. Not only has the blockchain been natively integrated with Segwit since the first block, the Capricoin+ platform is being worked on so that it will integrate several critical scaling enhancements such as the Lightning Network, Schnorr signatures and CT Bulletproofs, only to name a few. Particl aims to be one of the most efficient and lightweight privacy projects in crypto and a lot of research and development is being made on that front.

Passive Income

The Capricoin+ platform uses Proof-of-Stake, its own native PoS protocol massively improved upon PoS3 on which were added cold staking, quantum-resistance, voting and more. Stakers, the Capricoin+ equivalent for miners, can earn a minimum of 4% yearly staking interest (during the second year) in exchange for securing the network with their coins. On top of these staking rewards, stakers earn all fees and revenue generated by the platform (marketplace, decentralized applications, transactions, messaging, etc.) which means staking becomes increasingly profitable as more people participate in the Capricoin+ economy. Other ways to earn money on the Capricoin+ platform include setting up a shop on the Capricoin+ marketplace or using any other Dapp on which revenue can be generated.

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