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Untraceable cryptocurrency • Decentralized Marketplace • Private Dapps

The swiss-army knife of cryptocurrencies

Capricoin+ is a multi-purpose digital currency. It’s a next-generation privacy coin that hides the transacting amounts and participants, a voting ticket, a moderation token, a source of passive income, and much more. It is at the heart of the Capricoin Plus ecosystem and acts as the fuel that makes the platform run.

Disruptive data-free and near-zero cost ecommerce

The Capricoin+ Open Marketplace leverages the latest peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies to allow you to buy and sell products and services at almost zero network fee and in a way that doesn’t generate or collect any of your personal information and data.

Privacy-focused decentralized applications on the Bitcoin codebase

Capricoin+ leverages the Bitcoin codebase as well as several audited privacy protocols to offer a flexible but secure environment for developers to easily build decentralized applications that redefine the blockchain industry’s security and privacy standards.

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